About Us

Sterling Golf was founded in 1991 by Robert Sterling, an actor and avid golfer from southern California. Upon re-locating to Las Vegas in 1985, Mr. Sterling spent a great deal of time at the Las Vegas golf courses playing and meeting new people. Bob immediately recognized a need for assisting Las Vegas visitors with information, pricing, and reservations in a small but rapidly growing golf market. It started off almost by accident, just talking with his playing partners who were almost exclusively visitors to Las Vegas. Over the next few years, Bob would receive calls from these playing partners who requested that he help them reserve golf for their next visit to Las Vegas, and Bob would accommodate them. From these innocent beginnings, we have grown into Sterling Golf Services, LLC.

Are you ready to book your Las Vegas golf vacation?

Please use our website as your information and booking outlet for Las Vegas golf, hotel, and transportation. We are certain that we have the experience to exceed your expectations and make the process “hassle-free”. Feel confident that if you book with Sterling Golf, we have provided you with the best options for your needs. If you need more personalized service, we welcome you to call us at 800-641-6404. We are available Monday-Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PST.

Custom Golf Event Packages

We can help you plan, organize, and coordinate your golf event for groups of 16 or more. Because of our many years of service, we have developed excellent working relationships with the sales and event directors at the Las Vegas area golf courses.

Not only can we secure you the best golf venue and
pricing to fit your needs, but we can help you with:

  • Tournament format and coordination
  • On course contests
  • Rental Clubs
  • Transportation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Banquet/Award receptions

Let Sterling Golf help you achieve the highest
accolades with your event attendees with minimal effort.
We will make your event planning and coordination as easy for 144 players as it is for 16. Call us directly at 800-641-6404 for assistance in booking your golf event.

Contact Us

Sterling Golf Services LLC
686 Sea Star St.
Henderson, NV 89002
Toll Free: 800-641-6404
Local: 702-641-6400
Fax:  877-358-9233

What our customers say:

“I just want to say a big “thank you” for organizing my trip to Vegas.  All the courses were great but for me personally Reflection Bay and Paiute were visually stunning.  Rio Secco was  tough and a good initiation to top line Vegas golf.  Desert Pines was a great deal as we had breakfast and lunch which the boys enjoyed it.  We loved that we just showed up and everything was good to go.  In the future I will highly recommend Sterling Golf Services to my friends and anyone else looking to golf in Las Vegas.  We  could not speak highly enough about your organizing.  Also, the service levels at the courses we played were a stand out.  Cheers, SH

 “Sterling Golf Services is the only resource I use when planning golf in and around the Las Vegas area. Whether it’s for a foursome or a group of 20, the service is OUTSTANDING. I would never, ever try to make plans myself or with anyone else. KG

“My friends and I have used Sterling Golf over the past several years to book tee times in the Las Vegas area. They have been awesome. Our arrangements were confirmed at the times we wanted and the facilities we requested. We now use Sterling Golf to make all of our golf requests in Las Vegas. SD

“We have a group of 16 guys who have been going to Vegas to watch March Madness and play our own “Ryder Cup: tournament for the last 10 years. We have used Sterling Golf the entire time. Bob and his staff have been outstanding. Their service and flexibility are second to none. The entire staff is comprised of golfers who know golf and the golf facilities in Las Vegas. You can tell they care, if you want to have a hassle-free golf experience in Vegas, the only people to talk to is Sterling Golf. FP

I have been using Sterling Golf Services for the past 6 years to put together a three-day tournament for 72 players each Spring. Sterling has handled everything
without a single hiccup. Sterling secures us the best prices on golf and transportation for all three days. Our tournaments have been a great success, and we couldn’t have done it without Sterling. 

“As a meeting planner that knows nothing about golf, I have depended upon and have never been disappointed with the assistance that Sterling Golf has given me in finding a suitable golf venue for my groups. In five years of working with Sterling Golf, they have always accommodated my groups whether large or small. They are always conscious of the groups needs as well as my budget needs.  JP

“I have been using Sterling Golf Services for 12 years and would not consider playing golf in Las Vegas without using them.  Their insight on course conditions is invaluable.  I also like the fact that they arrange transportation to and from the courses which is one less call that I have to make.  They give the same attention to detail whether I book 4 or 48 players.  TE”

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